How to pair the eye makeup and hats

You have the masks you’re going to wear while attending a masquerade party, giving your makeup barely a thought if not on your outfit. You may use the following tips, and stop getting your makeup and costume over or under.

a girl in the streetWhen it comes to makeup, you don’t have anything to do, because most of your face is hidden, but when it comes to ways to pair the eye makeup and hats, you can be imaginative and experimental.

Here are a couple of tips to help you plan for the Venetian carnival masks session.

Tips on costumes

  • Inspired Outfit-Pick a famous person, or someone who is hated or adored. Wear a costume modeled in character that fits well with mood. You should dress up as an aristocratic Frenchman.
  • Mystery appearance – wear a black outfit and pose like a dark mysterious stranger trying to mix in the crowd. You may wear a black suit, a black long dress, or a black loose polo jumper. Black can also help to hide the shape of your body and make you look more slender. To give you a great look, you need matching the makeup and hats.
  • Flamboyant Star-Wear a sumptuous red or black evening dress with a fiery mask. Glitter, captivating and sparkling makeup to fit it. A feather scarf around your head will turn you into a star.

Whatever you have decided to be, make sure your outfit matches your mask mood perfectly.

Typically, following this advice can make you look very foolish and should be avoided unless your eye color and skin tone are truly complemented by the color of the clothes you wear. As an example, if you were to wear a black and white dress, you wouldn’t want to wear black eye makeup. Another key point to remember is that your eye makeup works to suit you, the individual, not what you wear.choosing clothes by women

Hopefully by now, if you use your common sense and take your time, it is easy to get great eye makeup results. So do not be afraid to experiment and see what colors and variations of the eye makeup can give you the best effects. Only bear in mind the tips on eye makeup mentioned in the article above when learning how to apply eye makeup to produce better results!